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6 months have gone by since my last post?
Well soon after my MA animation I started work in an animation studio and was quite busy all the time and also other freelance stuff. So there hasn't been alot of Illustrations or comics going on. But Ill upload the few now.

hope to get my comics together this month an make some nice pdfs for printing them for the next comic con.
It is 2015 for some time now and good 1 and a half years since I wrote an update here.

Since writing about my visit to the San Diego Comic Con 2013 a lot of things happened. Flew back to Germany and to continue my Masters in Design ... or in my case Illustration, Comic and Animation. It was a rough time and the trip to the US and Meeting good friends for the first time got me back on my feet. I worked it all through in a 24 hours Comic called "NIS" and took parts of the Comic to create a storyboard to my Master Film ... 13 months later in 2015 my Animationfilm was ready and I got my Masters: DIGRESSING…

This film took up all of my time and hardly anything else got illustrated or Comics got made. Only two Comic pages, Coverart for the Italien Band "The Barbacans" and a car Illustration for Eerie Eric's IRON LUNG ... a bubbletop hot rod alla Ed Roth.

So yes, I am trying to get back to the future and planing new works and more stuff to upload soon. Also printing all my 24h Comics and CRASH METRO COMIX Vol.1 which will contaons tons of short Comics over the years.

plus, Since last month I am working at a German Animtion Studio!

wish me luck that it all works out


Yeah, it was a blast.

Being in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, up the Route 1 and even a day stop in Miami!

Saw so many things in the last two weeks yxou could have made four out of them.

Also met longlife friends at SDCC who I only knew online for years, Matt Cossin and Mikey Cossin.

Met some of my Comic gods like Geof Darrow and even met fellow German artists along the way ... strange moments.

Sadly time at Con are tight and so I only had like a 10 Minute talk with Romantik Sheldon Vella who I have also known for a Long time and saw eachother in flesh. sadly without going to a bar for a beer.

Work on Comics is going slowly but surely as is my masters at the same time.

happy to read some lines from you People ... it has got very quiet.

Check out my Gallery.
My five pages for the BARTKIRA Project are up!

Hey you all!

I am also doing some BARTKIRA pages and also working on my own Comic.
Id love to upload stuff here but for some reason the uploader or more, the category isnt working.
It really bugs me and wanted to let you know IIIFFF youre asking yourself why I am posting so little.
So if you like to be up to date, go to my tumblr page:


Its my 31st Birthday today and DA shows me that I uploaded my 100. Comicpage. Neat!!!
haha, LJ just noted me that I haven't posted anything in 5 months!
has it really been that long since my BA and that trailer I animated for it? wow.
OK, after three months of hardcore animation seven days a week every week ... I took some time out. what else.
had a little holiday on the beach what was great after such a long time ... but just to come back to the next horror that I nearly didnt get into my Masters! not because of my grades but because somebody got some important papers lost somewhere. thank god I noticed early enough and got it all back on the road. so, stress was back in my life again and some freelance jobs that had to be done.
Now I am in my masters and am lucky enough to work on my comic from the trailer. Part of my theorie is William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson and Meobius. Talking of which, I am working on a A1 picture for a french tribute book to Moebius.

while writing this I am drawing layoutpages for my comic and already over 80 pages and not even close to the end.

there were also other up n downs that kept me from work or got me into work and away from my LJ or DevArt accounts.

so yeah, still alive and working for your future pleasure!

ps: Ill be at the SanDiego Comic Con this Summmer!!!! YEAH!
Hey everybody,

One month has past by since I past my Bachelor of Arts.

Yes, I really did it ... its still hard to believe that I managed to produce something that I loved as a kid up till now. Making a trailer for my comic was a lifelong dream come true and got the chance to do so.
I wanted to update earlier but after the presentation, getting through it all, three months of hardcore animation everyday and an exhibition to it all ... I was burned out. Still had to get other things rolling again ... so this week was the first where I could just sit back a while, get some sleep, watch a movie or two and get together with friends for a beer and perhaps a BBQ.

I hope to get some sun and ocean early next month and I was in Paris last week for about two days to see the exhibition of Tim Burton and R.Crumb. After having so much output with the animation and seeing how much dudes like Crumb produced ... I am eager to draw more, illustrate more, draw more comics just for myself and not only when somebody wants to print something. I want to bring this page back to its hey days when traffic was good and people talked about what one did. would be nice.

ok, so this is whats going on ... more things are planed but Ill update when it happens ... listing up what i want to do never really worked out.

so, for those who don't have me on facebook ... here is the link to PARANOID ROCK N ROLL - THE ANIMATED TRAILER:…

Like I said update to much more coming when it happens ... like this as an online comic, the old comic orders, illustration, more comics.... great I am listing again ...

cheers and thanks for sticking around!

tomorrow around 9am I will be presenting my work of animation, film, storyboarding and what not all ... presenting my full animated trailer to my comic ... months of hardcore work is over. everything is set up and now i can only sit here and wait till tomorrow comes.

it feels good.
OK, listen up everypony!

here is the list of whats happening the next month:

1. I have my presentation of my Grafik BA in the 2nd week of July for which I am working my ass off every single day since the mid of March. If you havent seen it already from my previews, its a fully animated trailer to my comic PARANOID ROCK N ROLL. ... Also, I filmed my Characters in real life for an "Interview" about the comic itself and to introduce themselfs. At the moment the animation is complete to 99,9% and needs some cleanup work aso. the interview is filmed and it in the edit. Plus, I have to wirte a theory for all of this... on which I am while writing this update.

2. I took part on two comic art exhibition this year and last year. the first was my "Astronaut" character who has been floating through my art for a while now and this year I did a picture for a superhero theme and drew a female version of Ghost Rider as "Ghost Ridess". I thought, heck, there are so many female versions of superheroes why not him? ... half a year later and nearly finished i get the news that marvel has plans for a female ghost rider. just great ...
Ok, so these were two big ass A3 pictures and only now got my head around bringing them somewhere to get scanned. at the moment the Astronaut and the line art of Ghost Ridess ... the finished version of her is still hanging. I am planing to make limited prints of them too.

3. Some new short Comics were drawn, like a new one from the Astronaut which ill be uploading soon and Comic plans are the 2nd issue of SURFZOMBIES, also rebooting PARANOID ROCK N ROLL as an online comic (i can hardly wait)!!!
this means ill be (AT LAST) finishing the final orders with the sketch of choices ... you would think, hey, its a sketch, but as you can see from the others, i put alot of heart into them. ... and life hasnt been easy and work work blah blah ... you know.
its not like i make a living from comics and have tons of free time.

4. get some rest already ... i am burned out.
working on illustrations, animations and film-tions for my grafik BA ... see you all in July.
Moebius is dead.

... over, karneval over ... back to comics, storyboards, animations etc. ... go go go till June!
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I am fucking 30 people and just vodkaed my waaay into it maaaaaan!!!!!!!! *whished you were here or tomorrrow" ... ok, stop writing caUSE iam drunkey ,.... eheheh seee
you all tomorrrow°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK N FUNCK>ING ROLLLLLL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWooooooooooooooooooooojhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... 30
  • Listening to: ATARI TEENAGE RIOT
  • Reading: NAKED LUNCH
  • Watching: ME AGE
  • Playing: MORE MUSIK
  • Eating: PRINGLES
  • Drinking: A LOOOOOT
Hi there,

at last a new comic is out and in full color!

i did the illustrations, a friend of mine the colors and the story is by two others, him and me.

the first issue is in german and if you live in Germany, you have the chance to order one of the FREE issues now!!!!
this is a limited chance and if the free ones are gone they will cost around 3 euros (not bad for a 28 paged full color comic!).

sadly the first FREE batch can ONLY(!!!) be ordered inside Germany. so please don't ask me for a free copy, its not in my hands.

after those free ones are gone, i guess, everybody else can oder their copy world wide.

the first series is in german ... we hope to have an englisch and french verion in the future too.

here you have a preview on the pages:…

and here you go for a free copy of it:…

cheers and thank you very much for your order!

back when the weather was still warm, I took part at the 24 hour comic day and from the German artists I made 3rd place with my sci-fi comic "XX77" about a robot who finds the Voyager I and its golden record.

and so it came to my very first interview about the comic and how i became a comicartist (only in german, sorry):…

this is posted on one of the bigger german online pages for comics and is run buy a big german publisher.
for the interview I also posted my promo pages from PARANOID ROCK N ROLL ... and to my surprise it hit readers first place in a day!
heres the link:

on other news, the Surf Zombie comic is being colored and it looks great already!

ill update when its out and where you can get your free copy of it!

just finished 27 pages of a new comic called "Surf Zombies".

its for a surf school and the best part is ... itll cost you nothing!

27 pages of cool comicart for FREE!

ill update when its colored n printed.

hey there!

i also took part at the 24 hour comic day.

24 pages in 24 hours

here ya go:
- write my comic script as far as i can for the deadline at grafik school.
- draw the last sketch-o-choices already.
- draw more pages for another comic project.
- get the laptop and scanner going again.
- uploading more then just a comic or a drawing every once in a while. yeah, sorry.
- get some more rest.
there is so much to do ... June, go away!